Tuesday, 14 December 2021
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Hello TecNet specialits.

I am a new comer to the TechNet. Japanese governement plans to supply vaccine Cold chain refrigerators and Temperature monitoring device to Indonesia Ministry of Health through UNICEF supply division. Remote temperature monitoring device appeers good and cheaper and available to install each Iceline refrigeraotrs, freezers. Remote data logger appears to able to monitor real time temperature and check daily records and alarm via mobile application. 30 days electric data logger comes with vaccines. So no need to provide typical simple monitoring devices?

With installing the remote monitoring device, no need to record daily temperature by manually where rigid electricity is in place? In my observation, daily temperature monitoring sheets are not always updated because of storong cold chain refrigerators, and busy nurses.

Specialits, In general, What type of temperature monitroing device should be supplied together with icelined refrigeraotrs?

Thank you in advance.

Tsuka (Jakarta)   


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