1. SoftWorks Ltd.
  2. Supply chain & logistics
  3. Wednesday, 01 June 2022

For the last one year we have focused on developing a transactional eLMIS in DHIS2 platform, SoftLMIS. SoftLMIS, a custom web application, has been set to run on top of the DHIS2 platform to manage real-time stock of health commodities by batch# & expiry date, and allow day-to-day stock transactions. A short video explains in less than 2 minutes -


We would be conducting a live webinar on SoftLMIS, please join if the subject matter interests you -

Topic: Webinar on SoftLMIS: A Transactional LMIS custom app in DHIS2 (English)
Time: Jun 8, 2022 10:30 AM Universal Time UTC (1h 15m)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 959 3803 9344
Passcode: 965628

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