Tuesday, 22 November 2016
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Planning and Implementing High-Quality Supplementary Immunization Activities for Injectable Vaccines Using an Example of Measles and Rubella Vaccines- Field Guide:

This is a field guide that is intended for immunization programme managers and their partners. The focus of this guide is ensuring high quality Supplementary Immunization Activities (SIAs) that are able to reach the hard to reach populations. The guide contains newly developed and improved tools for monitoring and assessing readiness. It also clearly outlines different options for vaccination strategies for different settings. It outlines the best practices for planning, organization, implementation and monitoring of SIAs for injectable vaccines, and in making use of opportunities to strengthen routine immunization and surveillance. This guide uses measles-rubella SIAs as the main examples throughout, but the information in this document aims to be applicable to SIAs for delivery of any injectable vaccine.
The Field Guide as well as the excel versions of the SIA Readiness Assessment tool can be found in:
http://www.who.int/immunization/diseases/measles/en/ . Under “Further information”

An eLearning course based on this field guide will be launched early 2017.

Any questions and comments on this document should be addressed to
Dr Alya Dabbagh ([email protected])

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