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  3. Thursday, 24 February 2022

A request for information from colleagues on this forum who are closer to the field than I currently am---

Several months ago I saw UNICEF, PATH and others warning about impending syringe shortages because of Covid vaccines. Looking at the numbers, it does seem very likely that this will indeed be an issue.

Are you seeing syringe shortages?

Are they impacting Covid or any other vaccine delivery?

It would be great to hear some inputs from colleagues on the forum who are working more closely on vaccine delivery. There seems to be very little discussion of this potentially very serious issue. 

Thanks for any inputs you can offer.

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Thank you Michael for raising this.

I saw the WHO and UNICEF warnings about impending shortages last year, and was involved in some discussion of this in Geneva and in the media –

e.g…. A Looming Challenge In The Vaccination Campaign: Syringe Shortages : NPR

Opinion | Want to end the pandemic? We’ll need to fix the global syringe shortage first. - The Washington Post

It would be extremely helpful to hear from supply chain specialists in the field what your experiences have been. Are you having problems with syringe shortages?

If you are NOT having problems, it would be helpful to hear this too!


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