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For an annual cost of between US$3.30 to $3.81 per child under the age of one, health workers in Tanzania can benefit from the better data and time savings made possible by an electronic immunization registry (EIR). In Zambia, these benefits cost US$8.46 per child under the age of one. That higher number is partly due to the fact that Zambia has a smaller birth cohort than Tanzania.

PATH and the BID Initiative recently coauthored a journal article in BMJ Global Health with partners from the governments of Tanzania and Zambia. The article helps fill a critical evidence gap on the costs associated with designing, developing, rolling out, and maintaining EIRs in low- and middle-income countries. The study uses project expenditure data for the BID Initiative between 2013 and 2018 and focused on three implementation regions in Tanzania, and one province in Zambia. Learn more below:


Celina on behalf of the BID Initiative

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