Monday, 13 February 2017
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At countries’ request, WHO has worked with UNICEF and PAHO to enhance transparency of vaccine prices, through the creation and maintenance of the Vaccine Product, Price and Procurement Initiative (V3P).

Thanks to the hard work of colleagues and partners, last year 51 countries have shared their vaccine price information with the V3P database. Together with the data shared by PAHO and UNICEF, the V3P database now provides visibility to prices accessible to 70% of the world. All the data and analyses are directly accessible on the V3P website.

In order to facilitate access to price information, WHO EPI has created the following three documents:

-WHO Price report 2016: this is a standalone version of the pricing section (also known as the “GVAP price report͟”) published annually as part of the GVAP Secretariat report. It provides a short overview of vaccine pricing and trends.

- V3P price Digest 2016: the price digest is a directory of vaccine prices and is meant to ease access to the price information available on the website. The Digest presents vaccine price data points and ranges from the V3P database per vaccine, with an emphasis on those that are posing the biggest affordability issues. The extracted tables are complemented by procurement and pricing analyses on each vaccine.

-Factsheet on vaccine pricing for Gavi transitioning countries 2016: countries have brought to our attention their challenges in accessing information about price commitments by manufacturers for countries transitioning out of Gavi support and for fully self-financing countries. This factsheet aims at clarifying the manufacturers’ price commitments and presents prices accessible to each of these countries.

The documents are attached here and available on the V3P repository webpage, at: .

Use them and disseminate them broadly to anyone who could benefit from increased knowledge of vaccine prices!

Please feel free to share any feedback on these documents to: [email protected].



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