Wednesday, 06 September 2023
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The MOMENTUM Routine, Immunization, Transformation and Equity project aims to strengthen routine immunization programs to overcome the entrenched obstacles contributing to stagnating and declining immunization rates. As part of this work, we would love to gather any feedback you may have on your experiences with the Urban Immunization Toolkit, which was developed in 2018.

Our goal is not only to understand how to improve the toolkit, but also understand the best ways to address unmet needs of immunization managers and supporting actors in the urban immunization landscape. This includes frontline health workers, program managers, nurses, and doctors working in the urban immunization space at the national, sub-national, and district levels, both within the government and in non-profit organizations, community health organizations, and NGOs.

  • If you used this toolkit, we are curious to learn about how you used it, any adaptations you may have made, or any remaining unmet needs via this short survey

  • If you have not used the toolkit (and are a potential user of it), we would like you to review the toolkit and receive your initial reactions on it via this short survey.

Please take 10 minutes to complete a short questionnaire asking you about your perceptions about or experiences with the urban immunization toolkit. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to Parysa Oskouipour, Program Officer, JSI: [email protected]

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