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Dear all

Please find the attached example, illustrating the grievous impact of using vaccination cards that are not compatible with the current National Immunization Schedule (NIS). As per the study conducted recently, >10% beneficiaries avail vaccination services from the private sector ranging from clinics to Medical Colleges even in the rural area. Field supervisors / monitors have easy access to such vaccination cards both at the facility level and in the field.

Negative impact strikes more than millions of children in the country.

This issue can be easily addressed as already happened elsewhere in the country through advocay and supportive supervision.

With best wishes

Holla n team

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Dear viewers

We wish to share the following in continuation of the previous post.

06th Dec 2017 was a special day for the KVG team, in the regular Academic Society meeting, impact of complexity / dissimilarities of vaccination cards (ANISOSIS) issued in the private sector, including private medical colleges and solution to address this issue was presented.  

With this we also wish to share "WHAT KVG TEAM CAN POTENTIALLY DO" - A TASK MENU WITH TIMELINE, provided we get an opportunity form the RI implementing authority / stake holders so that at least a few needy district(s) can achieve and sustain >90% vaccination coverage by the end of 2018 without special drive, with marginalized budget, empathetic approch which will infuse jubilance to the grass root level service providers, inculcate self supervision and monitoring, serving the community in "All TIME MISSION MODE"  and the like.

Please find the ppt on completion of the Academic Society Meeting and the Task Menu.

We request for additional inputs which we would like to incorporate while printing the next lot of cards.

Best wishes

Holla & the team 

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