Wednesday, 25 November 2020
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As the number of globally available options for rotavirus vaccines and pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) has been increasing with new, lower-priced vaccines becoming available for country introduction or product switch, determining which product is the right choice from a cost perspective has become more complex for country decision-makers. In this context, the Health Economics and Outcomes Research team at PATH has developed a new set of tools called Vaccine Cost Calculators.

The Vaccine Cost Calculators aim to provide an easy way to assess and compare costs of certain vaccination programs over a period of 10 years with each vaccine product available in the global market. These simple, Excel-based tools are currently available for rotavirus vaccines and PCVs in English, French, Russian, and Spanish, with tools for other vaccines in development. The calculators can be used by any country interested in comparing different vaccine costs, whether or not the country is eligible for co-funding from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and regardless of Gavi transition stage. 

Users are required to input a limited set of local data and then can compare products and estimate vaccination program costs for different vaccine products and presentations, exploring multiple vaccine options at a time. A user guide is available in the first Excel tab of each tool, labeled “READ ME FIRST.” 

The calculators are meant to provide insights into the potential costs of alternative product choices and should not replace detailed, comprehensive budget planning once a product has been selected. For more information and to help spread the word about the Vaccine Cost Calculators, please check out and share this article from PATH.

The tools are available on the PATH website through the links above as well as in the TechNet-21 resource library: rotavirus here and PCV here. We hope you find these tools useful and will share them with your colleagues and partners. If you have questions or would like direct support on the calculators, comment below or email our team at: [email protected].  

Frédéric Debellut

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