HPV introduction - technical resources

Curated by: Paul Bloem

To support national introduction of HPV vaccine, the immunization partners have developed a toolbox to serve as a reference for all aspects of HPV vaccine introduction (decision-making, Gavi applications, planning, communication, implementation and monitoring, etc.) This toolbox contains practical tools often developed by EPI programmes and partners and complements the global guidance and tools in the HPV Vaccine Introduction Clearing House.


Evidence for decision-making

Selected articles with (early) impact studies on HPV vaccine effectiveness from open sources.


Single dose schedule

Evidence for NITAGs and programmatic implications.


Planning and preparation

Selected tools and resources for planning HPV vaccine introduction.


Communication and social mobilization

The Global HPV Communication website provides HPV vaccine communication resources, including tools, campaign examples, how-to-guides, fact sheets, adaptable messages, and more.

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Selected tools and resources for training on HPV vaccine introduction.



Selected tools and resources for implementation of HPV vaccine introduction.


Monitoring and evaluation

Selected tools and resources for monitoring HPV vaccination.