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BID Initiative

The BID Initiative is grounded in the belief that better data, better decisions, will lead to better health outcomes. This page compiles the resources, tools, publications, and webinars developed or contributed to over the years.

Curated by: BID Initiative


CCE management

This package of technical resources provides in-country cold chain equipment (CCE) managers and technicians with information and guidance on the CCE management process.

Curated by: Adama Sawadogo


Coverage surveys

This page provides a list of documents related to the design, implementation, analysis, and reporting of vaccination coverage surveys.

Curated by: M. Carolina Danovaro


COVID-19 technical resources

This page provides a list of technical guidance from WHO on maintaining immunization services during the Covid-19 pandemic, and is organized into the following sections.

Curated by: Alex



This page provides a list of resources related to the controlled temperature chain (CTC), as well as materials developed by the CTC Working Group.

Curated by: IPAC CTC Working Group


Delivery technology

This page provides a list of technical resources related to vaccine delivery technologies, including materials developed by the IPAC Delivery Technology Working Group.

Curated by: IPAC Delivery Technology Working Group


Dose Per Container

This page provides a range of useful resources from case studies to decision support documents to better understand the effects of DPC on six immunization system components; namely operational costs, timely coverage, safety, wastage, and policy/correct use.

Curated by: DPC Group


Effective Vaccine Management

This page provides a list of EVM2 resources that can help EVM assessors and managers.

Curated by: Dan Brigden


Freeze-preventive passive containers

Background information and guidance on freeze prevention in the immunization supply chain, also known as the cold chain, as it relates to passive containers.

Curated by: Pat Lennon


Healthcare Waste Management

This page provides a list of resources related to healthcare waste management, as well as materials developed by local governments, multinational organizations, and the private sector.

Curated by: Wendy Prosser


Home based records

A comprehensive repository of home-based record (HBR) documents, used to record an individual's vaccination history.

Curated by: David Brown


HPV introduction

Practical tools developed by EPI programmes and partners to support national introduction of HPV vaccine.

Curated by: HPV Technical Working Group



This page provides a global synthesis of existing evidence aimed at increasing the use of high-quality data to improve immunization coverage.

Curated by: Jacqueline Deelstra



A working library of case studies/reports on lessons learned and other supporting materials from Vietnam’s journey moving from a paper-based to an entirely digital immunization registry.

Curated by: Maya Rivera


ISC strengthening

Gavi Immunization Supply Chain Strategy: strengthening immunization supply chains

Curated by: WHO-UNICEF Immunization Supply Chain Hub



This page provides a list of resources related to missed opportunities for vaccination (MOV).

Curated by: Laura Nic Lochlainn


National logistics working groups

Tools and guidance on establishing and reinforcing NLWGs.

Curated by: Dorothy Leab


Project Optimize

Project Optimize was a unique five-year collaboration between WHO and PATH to improve immunization supply chains. This page contains links to important Optimize publications.

Curated by: Dan Brigden


Temperature monitoring

Technical resources to design and implement/upgrade systematic and effective cold chain temperature monitoring; includes 30DTR and RTM devices.

Curated by: WHO-UNICEF Immunization Supply Chain Hub


Vaccine Market Information

This page provides a list of resources related to WHO’s initiative on Market Information for Access (MI4A) to Vaccines.

Curated by: Johanna FIHMAN



This guidance provides a systematic approach to using triangulation for programme improvement at the national and subnational levels.

Curated by: Angela Montesanti Porter


WHO EPI - core reference material

This page provides a list of core reference material published by the WHO Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI).

Curated by: Stephanie Shendale


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