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BID Initiative

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Routine immunizations and new vaccine introductions are two of the best investments to improving people’s health around the globe. While the world has made incredible progress in providing access to lifesaving vaccines, without reliable, easy-to-access, and actionable data on the barriers impeding immunizations, coupled with trained data managers, stakeholders interested in improving immunization coverage are working with limited and often anecdotal data that may not correlate with the actual issues. Did a child miss a vaccine because the health center had a stockout? Or because the caregiver did not know the child was due?

Led by PATH, the BID Initiative is grounded in the belief that better data, plus better decisions, will lead to better health outcomes. Since 2013, BID has partnered with the governments of Tanzania and Zambia to address the most critical routine immunization service delivery problems through improved data collection, quality, and use.

BID worked with country partners to design, test, and roll out a holistic suite of interventions that are flexible enough to apply to other countries and health areas:

  • Electronic immunization registry (EIR) integrated with a supply chain information system.
  • Automated, simplified report generation and visualization.
  • Data use campaigns.
  • Peer support networks and targeted supervision for health workers.
  • Barcodes or QR on child health cards and vaccine supplies to help uniquely identify patients and track vaccine stocks.
  • Dashboards to monitor facility and neighboring facility performance.

Since 2014, the BID Initiative has successfully designed, implemented, and scaled up data quality and use interventions in Tanzania and Zambia. As a growing number of governments embrace the important role of health information systems, BID and its country-led peer learning network, the BID Learning Network, are leveraging experiences in Tanzania and Zambia to partner with select African countries to improve data availability, quality, and use in immunization. BID has introduced a regional mentorship program that pairs technical experts from its implementation in Tanzania and Zambia with country focal point persons to advise on the development and implementation of EIRs, change management strategies, and other data quality and use interventions.


Resources and tools

The real power in the BID Initiative will come from participants offering their ideas, perspectives, and feedback. To get involved or to submit additional resources and tools to this library, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tools and resources for planning

Tools and resources for implementation

BID Initiative Lessons Learned EncyclopediaBID Initiative2018ReportEnglish
BID Initiative Planning ToolsBID Initiative2018ToolEnglish
BID Initiative Tools for Change Management and Data useBID Initiative2018ToolEnglish
BID Initiative Tools for OperationBID Initiative2018ToolEnglish
BLN Webinar | Cultivating a Data Use Culture: Lessons Learned from the BID InitiativeBID Initiative2019TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Building Capacity in Immunization Data Quality and Use through Mentorship – Introducing the BID Regional MentorsBID Initiative2018TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Data Driven Health Delivery Systems at eHealth AfricaBID Initiative2017TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Data Quality and Nominal Electronic Immunization Registries | Lessons Learned from Costa RicaBID Initiative2017TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Electronic Immunization Registry | Lessons from KenyaBID Initiative2018TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Identifying and Addressing Challenges in Deploying an Electronic Registry | The Ghana Health Service ExperienceBID Initiative2017TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Immunization Data Management Systems – Challenges and Perspectives from CameroonBID Initiative2017TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Improving the Quality of Immunization and Surveillance Data in Burkina FasoBID Initiative2017TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Integration of a Community-Based Early Warning System Module into DHIS2 in Cote d’IvoireBID Initiative2017TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Introduction and Formation of User Advisory Groups in ArushaBID Initiative2015TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Lessons Learned in Change Management and Data UseBID Initiative2018TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Making the Case for Improved Immunization Data in ZimbabweBID Initiative2017TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Principles of Digital DevelopmentBID Initiative2017TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Reaching Every District incorporating Quality Improvement (RED-QI)BID Initiative, PATH2014TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Successful Implementation of a Health Information SoftwareBID Initiative2015TrainingEnglish
BLN Webinar: Web-Based Immunization Information SystemsBID Initiative2014TrainingEnglish
Slideshow for BLN webinar: Introducing the BID Learning Network Data Quality and Use CollaborativeBID Initiative2019TrainingEnglish
Slideshow for BLN webinar: Piloting of the e-Tracker App in the DHIS2 in The GambiaBID Initiative2018TrainingEnglish
Slideshow for webinar: Building real-time LMIS for the vaccine supply chain in NigeriaBID Initiative2014TrainingEnglish
Webinar: Cold Chain Management in ZambiaBID Initiative2015TrainingEnglish
Webinar: Development of a Health Information Systems Strategic Plan – The Liberian ExperienceBID Initiative2016TrainingEnglish
Webinar: Economies of Scale, Integration & Interoperability in Digital HealthBID Initiative2016TrainingEnglish
Webinar: Interoperability between EPI information systems: DHIS2 and DVD/MTBID Initiative2016TrainingEnglish
Webinar: Introduction to OpenHIE and Interoperability for National Information SystemsBID Initiative2015TrainingEnglish
Webinar: Logistics management system in The GambiaBID Initiative2015TrainingEnglish
Webinar: Rolling Out a Nationwide Web-Based DHIMS2 in GhanaBID Initiative2015TrainingEnglish
Webinar: Sharing and Reusing Health Training Content: An Introduction to ORBBID Initiative2015TrainingEnglish
Webinar: The Uganda eIDSR systemBID Initiative2017TrainingEnglish
Webinar: VaxTrac Benin Study Visit – Reflections and Lessons LearnedBID Initiative2016TrainingEnglish

Tools and resources for scale-up

Resources not available.

Publications and knowledge management tools and resources

Accelerating Harmonization in Digital HealthAmanda P. BenDor, Carolyn Moore, Laurie Werner, Mike Bailey, Nighat Khan2017Journal articleEnglish
BID Initiative Briefs: Recommendations and Lessons Learned | Change ManagementBID Initiative2017ReportEnglish
BID Initiative Briefs: Recommendations and Lessons Learned | Data UseBID Initiative2017ReportEnglish
BID Initiative Briefs: Recommendations and Lessons Learned | Electronic Immunization RegistriesBID Initiative2017ReportEnglish
BID Initiative Briefs: Recommendations and Lessons Learned | IntroductionBID Initiative2017ReportEnglish
BID Initiative Briefs: Recommendations and Lessons Learned | Peer LearningBID Initiative2017ReportEnglish
BID Initiative Briefs: Recommendations and Lessons Learned | Rollout StrategyBID Initiative2017ReportEnglish
BID Initiative Briefs: Recommendations and Lessons Learned | Software Development CycleBID Initiative2017ReportEnglish
BID Initiative Briefs: Recommendations and Lessons Learned | SustainabilityBID Initiative2017ReportEnglish
BLN Webinar | Immunization Data: Evidence for Action (IDEA) ReviewBID Initiative2020TrainingEnglish
Defining and Building a Data Use CultureBID Initiative2017GuidanceEnglish
Electronic immunization registries in Tanzania and Zambia: Shaping a minimum viable product for scaled solutionsBID Initiative, Brian Taliesin, Dawn Seymour, Dykki Settle, Francis Dien Mwansa, Henry Mwanyika, Laurie Werner, Mandy Dube, Ngwegwe BululaJournal articleEnglish
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The costs of developing, deploying and maintaining electronic immunisation registries in Tanzania and ZambiaBID Initiative2019Journal articleEnglish
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Three waves of data use among health workers: The experience of the Better Immunization Data Initiative in Tanzania and ZambiaBID Initiative2019Journal articleEnglish

Communications tools and resources

A health worker’s journey: Oliver’s life after the BID InitiativeBID Initiative2019Poster/infographicEnglish
BID Initiative Annual Report: April 2014-March 2015BID Initiative2015ReportEnglish
BID Initiative Annual Report: April 2016-March 2017BID Initiative2017ReportEnglish
BID Regional Global FactsheetBID Initiative2019ReportEnglish
L'histoire de l'initiative BIDBID Initiative2018ReportFrench
Rapport Annuel Avril 2016-Mars 2017BID Initiative2017ReportFrench
The BID Initiative StoryBID Initiative2018ReportEnglish

Other tools and resources

BID Initiative Midline and Endline Monitoring and Evaluation Report (Tanzania)BID Initiative2018ReportEnglish
BID Initiative Midline Monitoring and Evaluation Report (Zambia)BID Initiative2018ReportEnglish
BID Initiative Monitoring and Evaluation Reports: Tanzania and ZambiaBID Initiative2018ReportEnglish
BID Learning Network (BLN) Design Meeting Report: November 2-4, 2016BID Initiative2016ReportEnglish
BID Learning Network (BLN) Discussion Meeting Report & Presentations: December 7-11, 2015BID Initiative2015ReportEnglish
BID Learning Network Discussion Meeting Report: September 19-22, 2017BID Initiative2017ReportEnglish
BID Learning Network Presentations: November 2017BID Initiative2017PresentationEnglish
BLN Discussion Meeting Report: December 7-11, 2015BID Initiative2015ReportEnglish
BLN Webinar: The Data Use PartnershipBID Initiative2019TrainingEnglish
Country data quality improvement plans CameroonBID Initiative2019PresentationFrench
Country data quality improvement plans DSQ Burkina FasoBID Initiative2019PresentationFrench
Injecting digital technology into old-school immunization systems: building for sustainability and scale in Vietnam, Tanzania and ZambiaBID Initiative2017PresentationEnglish
The power of individual-level data to vaccinate every childBID Initiative2018TrainingEnglish
Webinar: TechNet Resource LibraryBID Initiative2016TrainingEnglish
WHO Classification of Digital Health Interventions v1.0World Health Organization (WHO)2018ToolEnglish