Demand and uptake

Lisa Menning

Vaccines save millions of lives every year. To continue this success, we need to strengthen and sustain vaccination uptake.

A range of factors influence whether a person is vaccinated or not. Achieving high vaccination coverage requires an understanding of the drivers of vaccination and working with health workers and communities to apply tailored, evidence-based interventions that ensure ease of access, quality services, supportive social norms and accurate information.

The guides and tools below are practical resources to assist programmes and partners in efforts to boost vaccine uptake.

Understand the drivers of immunization uptake

Use the validated Behavioral and Social Drivers (BeSD) of vaccination surveys and interview guides for an evidence-based approach to understand and address gaps in uptake.

Click the following links for  the BeSD tools and guidance of childhood vaccination and COVID-19 vaccination, and for the related WHO Position Paper on BeSD

Tailor immunization programmes to local needs

Closing Gaps: Human Centred Design for Tailoring Immunization Programmes (HCD-TIP) is a practical guide for a participatory approach to working with communities to close coverage gaps and overcome inequities for vaccination. HCD-TIP enhances the ability of programmes to listen and learn to better respond to community needs. 

Improve the quality of immunization services

The Quality Immunization Services Planning Guide highlights key actions at different levels of the health system to monitor, strengthen, and maintain the quality and convenience of services, to increase coverage and reduce the dropout rates.

Quality services are an essential foundation for high coverage and this practical guide is a key reference for people-centered programmes.

Engage community champions for vaccination

Quick Tips for Community Representatives

The Quick Tips for Community Representatives is an adaptable tool to assist programs, civil society and community-based organizations in supporting vaccine champions. It provides tips and inspiration on sharing accurate information, having meaningful conversations, encouraging community participation, advocacy and resource mobilization. The Quick Tips for Community Representatives is also available in French and Arabic.

Support health workers in improving vaccination uptake

Quick Tips for Community Representatives

Quick Tips for Health Workers is a handy job aid containing practical suggestions for improving vaccination uptake. It includes tips for planning and conducting vaccination sessions, answers to common questions, and effective conversation techniques with those unsure of vaccinating. The Quick Tips for Community Representatives is also available in French and Arabic

Strengthen health worker skills in interacting with parents and caregivers

Quick Tips for Community Representatives

This suite of adaptable slide decks (coming soon!) is intended to build health worker skills and confidence in interacting with parents and caregivers during service delivery. These decks were designed for self-facilitated, interactive and quick learning sessions.

The following topics are covered:

  • Conversations to support vaccine uptake (coming soon!) 
  • Managing pain during vaccine administration (coming soon!)
  • Talking to parents and caregivers about vaccine safety and contraindications (coming soon!)