Vaccine ordering and accountability system: integration with the CHILD Profile immunization registry (CPIR)

BACKGROUND: In an effort to align with federal vaccine distribution objectives and address immunization providers business requirements, Washington is developing and deploying an on-line vaccine ordering and accountability system. The system will be integrated into the state's statewide, population based immunization registry - CHILD Profile Immunization Registry (CPIR). Federal initiatives to centralize vaccine distribution will necessitate the integration of state immunization registries with the federal vaccine distribution system. Accountability and education efforts at the local level require vaccine ordering and distribution information in a timely manner. CPIR's vaccine ordering and accountability system will provide this information in a seamless manner to authorized CPIR users. Being a PHIN compliant, standard based application, it will also position Washington to easily integrate with the CDC's Vaccine Ordering and Distribution System (VODS). CPIR is one of the nation's most mature statewide im

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