1.1. Promoting Demand for Malaria Vaccination: A Planning Guide

This practical document is available to support programmes and partners to design and implement strategies to achieve high uptake of malaria vaccination.


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0.1 Key messages on malaria vaccination for health workers and caregiversWorld Health Organization (WHO)2023GuidanceEnglish
0.2 Messages cl├ęs sur la vaccination antipaludiqueWorld Health Organization (WHO)2023GuidanceFrench
1.1. Promoting Demand for Malaria Vaccination: A Planning GuideWorld Health Organization (WHO)2023GuidanceEnglish
1.2. Promouvoir la demande pour la vaccination contre le paludism : Guide de planificationWorld Health Organization (WHO)2023GuidanceFrench
1.3. Promover a demanda da vacinacao contra a malaria: Um guia de planeamentoWorld Health Organization (WHO)2023GuidancePortuguese
2.1. Risk Communications on Malaria Vaccination: A GuideWorld Health Organization (WHO)2023GuidanceEnglish
2.2. Communication sur les risques: La vaccination contre le paludisme: Un guideWorld Health Organization (WHO)2023GuidanceFrench
2.3. Comunicacoes de riscos sobre a vacinacao contra a malaria: Um guiaWorld Health Organization (WHO)2023GuidancePortuguese

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