P1-4 IA2030 Strategic Priority 7: Research & Innovation. Overview and goals

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Agenda - GVIRF 2023 - PRINTABLEGVIRF Secretariat2023PresentationEnglish
GVIRF 2023 Poster AbstractsGVIRF Secretariat2023Poster/infographicEnglish
GVIRF 2023 Welcome and Opening RemarksLee Hall2023WebinarEnglish
Keynote 1 - Vaccines in the Post-COVID Era: Can Policy and Practice Keep up with ScienceBarney Graham2023WebinarEnglish
Keynote 2 - Future Pandemic R&D Preparedness in Korea and Translating Pandemic R&D Learnings into the Broader Global Health AgendaHeechang Jang, NIH Korea; Jerome Kim, IVI2023WebinarEnglish
KN1 Vaccines in the post-COVID era: Can policy and practice keep up with science?Barney Graham2023PresentationEnglish
KN2-1 Future Pandemic R&D Preparedness in KoreaHee-Chang Jang2023PresentationEnglish
KN2-2 Translating pandemic R&D learnings into the broader global health agendaJerome Kim2023PresentationEnglish
P1 From GVAP to IA2030: roles of vaccine R&D to enable successLee Hall2023WebinarEnglish
P1-1 Overview of GVAP and IA2030Lee Hall2023PresentationEnglish
P1-2 Lessons Learned from the Global Vaccine Action PlanNoni MacDonald2023PresentationEnglish
P1-3 Looking Ahead – Themes that will influence the R&D agendaHelen Matzger2023PresentationEnglish
P1-4 IA2030 Strategic Priority 7: Research & Innovation. Overview and goalsKwaku Poku Asante2023PresentationEnglish
P1-5 Partnering with regions and countries to identify priority pathogens for vaccinesBirgitte Giersing2023PresentationEnglish
P2 - Lessons from COVID-19 vaccines and future pandemic preparednessCharlie Weller2023WebinarEnglish
P2-2 Research & innovation: Outbreaks preparedness & responseAna Maria Henao Restrepo2023PresentationEnglish
P2-3 CEPI's Lessons Learnt from COVID-19 pandemic response and the 100 day mission for pandemic preparednessMelanie Saville2023PresentationEnglish
P2-4 Regulatory Perspective: BrazilGustavo SantosPresentationEnglish
P2-5 Lessons learned from an industry R&D perspectiveTonya Villafana2023PresentationEnglish
P3 - Current status of R&D for HIV, TB, Malaria, and Universal Influenza vaccines (and reports from Workshops 1-3)Annie Mo, Jerome Kim2023WebinarEnglish
P3-1 Introduction: Current status of vaccine R&D for HIV, Tb, Malaria, and Universal fluAnnie Mo2023PresentationEnglish
P3-3 Tuberculosis Vaccine R&DMark Hatherill2023PresentationEnglish
P3-4 HIV Vaccine UpdateShan Lu2023PresentationEnglish
P3-5 Current Status of Universal Influenza Vaccine Research and DevelopmentPunnee Pitisuttithum2023PresentationEnglish
P4-1 The Full Value of Vaccines Assessment (FVVA) conceptMark Jit2023PresentationEnglish
P4-2 Using the FVVA framework to estimate the potential health and economic impacts of novel TB vaccines in low- and middle-income countriesRichard White2023PresentationEnglish
P4-3 The Full Vacccine Accessment for Group A Streptococcus VaccinesDavid Bloom2023PresentationEnglish
P4-4 A Pathway to Impact: Exploring the potential of measles rubella microarray patches to reach zero dose children and improve measles vaccine coverage through an initial Full Value Vaccine AssessmentJean-Pierre Amorij2023PresentationEnglish
P5 - Innovating to find and reach Zero-Dose ChildrenSamir Sodha2023WebinarEnglish
P5-1 Introduction to Zero-DoseSamir Sodha2023PresentationEnglish
P5-2 Mapping the distribution of zero-dose children and their characteristics in low- and middle-income countriesC. Edson Utazi2023PresentationEnglish
P5-3 Using mHealth Interventions to Improve Vaccination CoverageAbdul Momin Kazi2023PresentationEnglish
P5-4 Strengthening Routine Immunization: Use of Reaching Every District - Quality Improvement (RED-QI) approachMelkamu Ayalew2023PresentationEnglish
P6 - Vaccine technologies for equityPhilippe-Alexandre Gilbert2023WebinarEnglish
P6-2 The Vaccine Innovation Prioritisation Strategy (VIPS): driving innovations to improve vaccine delivery in low- and middle-income countriesJean-Pierre Amorij2023PresentationEnglish
P6-3 A low footprint vaccine manufacturing platform for in-country, for-country productionMathias Garny2023PresentationEnglish
P6-4 Single Injection VaccinesAna Jaklenec2023PresentationEnglish
P6-5 EuBiologics’s Vaccine Technologies for EquityRachel Park2023PresentationEnglish
P7 Optimizing vaccine regimensAndrew Pollard, Kristen Earle2023WebinarEnglish
P7-1 GVIRF Plenary 7: Optimizing vaccine regimensKristen Earle2023PresentationEnglish
P7-2 Optimizing immunization schedulesNaor Bar-Zeev2023PresentationEnglish
P7-3 Impact on immunogenicity: Dose, Schedule and PlatformAndrew Pollard2023PresentationEnglish
P7-4 Optimizing vaccine regimens – HPV VaccinesDeborah Watson-Jones2023PresentationEnglish
P7-5 Timing of South Africa's PCV and  Measles infant doses: considerations on the adoption of a vaccine scheduleRudzani Muloiwa2023PresentationEnglish
P8 - Reflections and closing remarks: Progress and the path forwardNoni MacDonald, Dalhousie U.2023WebinarEnglish
W1 - Immunological and Vaccine Considerations for Special Populations: women of reproductive age and pregnancy, people living with HIV, and older adultsCarolyn Deal, Ruth Karron2023WebinarEnglish
W1-2 Vaccines for special populations: Immunological considerationsArnaud Didierlaurent2023PresentationEnglish
W1-3 Group B Streptococcus Vaccination in Pregnant WomenAnna Seale2023PresentationEnglish
W1-4 TB Vaccine Roadmap for People Living with HIVMindy Miner2023PresentationEnglish
W1-5 COVID 19 vaccine effectiveness in the elderly populationTarun Saluja2023PresentationEnglish

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