P6.2 Maternal Immunization: which impact on infant immunity?

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Agenda - GVIRF 2014GVIRF Secretariat2014PresentationEnglish
KN1 Opening Session and KeynoteAnthony Fauci2014ReportEnglish
KN1.1 Vaccine Research and Development: Challenges and OpportunitiesAnthony Fauci2014PresentationEnglish
KN1.2 R&D in the "Decade of Vaccines"B. Fenton Hall2014PresentationEnglish
KN1.3 GVIRF Overview and GoalsJoachim Hombach2014PresentationEnglish
KN1.4 What do we expect from the meeting?José Esparza2014PresentationEnglish
KN2 Research for Universal Health Coverage; Perspective on Vaccines and Poverty ReductionMargaret Chan, Tim EvansReportEnglish
KN2.1 WHO Director-General address to GVIRFMargaret Chan2014PresentationEnglish
KN2.2 Perspectives on Vaccines and Poverty ReductionT. Evans, World Bank2014PresentationEnglish
KN3 Importance of Innovation in Addressing Global Health Gaps in the Developing WorldTrevor MundelReportEnglish
KN3-1 The Importance of Innovation in Addressing Global Health Gaps in the Developing WorldTrevor MundelPresentationEnglish
P1a.1 Status of HIV Vaccine Research & DevelopmentWayne Koff2014PresentationEnglish
P1a.2 Progress towards the development of an HIV vaccine: DiscussionJosé Esparza2014PresentationEnglish
P1b Develop New and Improved Vaccines - TBCharles Mgone, Tom Evans, Uli Fruth2014ReportEnglish
P1b.1 Update on Tuberculosis Vaccines - 2014Tom Evans2014PresentationEnglish
P1b.2 TB Vaccine Development: Challenges & OpportunitiesUli Fruth2014PresentationEnglish
P1c Develop New and Improved Vaccines - MalariaAshley Birkett, Charles Mgone, Peter Smith2014ReportEnglish
P1c.1 Progress towards the development of a malaria vaccineAshley Birkett2014PresentationEnglish
P1c.2 Progress towards the development of a malaria vaccine: discussionPeter Smith2014PresentationEnglish
P2 Regulatory and Public Health Challenges for Vaccines Inducing Modest EfficacyDavid Salisbury2014ReportEnglish
P2.1 Regulatory and public health challengesPeter Smith2014PresentationEnglish
P2.2 Regulatory Considerations for Determining Vaccine EfficacyMarion Gruber2014PresentationEnglish
P3 Developing Next Generation Vaccines: Defining the Improvements Needed and Evaluating Their PotentialK. Neuzil2014ReportEnglish
P3.1 Developing next generation vaccines: IntroductionKathleen Neuzil2014PresentationEnglish
P3.2 Developing Country Vaccine Manufacturers - Access to ImmunizationUmesh Parashar2014PresentationEnglish
P3.3 Developing Next Generation Rotavirus Vaccines: Prospects from the Pipeline to Address Remaining Public Health NeedsMary K. Estes2014PresentationEnglish
P3.4 Evaluation of the Next Generation of Rotavirus VaccinesKathleen Neuzil2014PresentationEnglish
P5 Research to improve monitoring and evaluation of immunization programsJean-Marie Okwo-Bele2014ReportEnglish
P5.1 Immunization Registries in Latin America and the CaribbeanM. Carolina Danovaro-Holliday2014PresentationEnglish
P5.2 Influenza Vaccine Use in the Americas: Network for Evaluation of Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness REVELAC-1Alba Maria Ropero-Alvarez2014PresentationEnglish
P6 Protection of pregnant women, neonates and infants by maternal immunizationHelen Rees2014ReportEnglish
P6.1 Public Health Benefits of Maternal ImmunizationKeith Klugman2014PresentationEnglish
P6.2 Maternal Immunization: which impact on infant immunity?Claire-Anne Siegrist2014PresentationEnglish
P7 Innovative vaccine research: the point of view of industry and biotech companiesMichael Mowatt, Odile LeroyReportEnglish
P7.1 Innovation for vaccines against poverty diseases: the need for new support mechanismsMartin Friede2014PresentationEnglish
P8 General ConclusionB. Fenton Hall, Chris Wilson, Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele2014ReportEnglish
W1 Towards the Development of a Universal Influenza VaccineDavid Spiro2014ReportEnglish
W1.1 Towards the Development of a Universal Influenza VaccineDavid Spiro2014PresentationEnglish
W2 Preferred Product Characteristics (PPC) as a Way to Guide Development of Products of High Public Health UtilityA. A. Adeyemo2014ReportEnglish
W2.1 WHO Preferred Product Characteristics: Bridging Vaccine R&D with Public HealthVasee Moorthy2014PresentationEnglish
W2.2 RSV Vaccine Development for Low and Middle Income Countries: Challenges and ProgressClaudio Lanata2014PresentationEnglish
W2.3 Group A streptococcal vaccines: Challenges and progressFlorian Schödel2014PresentationEnglish
W3.1 Leishmania Vaccine Development: Progress and challenges in the context of other control strategiesFarrokh Modabber2014PresentationEnglish
W3.2 Pre-exposure rabies vaccination (PreP) in children of endemic countriesD. Briggs2014PresentationEnglish
W4 How to Optimize Immunization Coverage? A case study from Measles-Rubella vaccinationA. A. Adeyemo2014ReportEnglish
W4.1 Progress, Challenges, and Lessons Learned in Achieving Measles and Rubella GoalsThomas Cherian2014PresentationEnglish
W4.2 Prioritizing the Research Agenda for Measles and RubellaWilliam Moss2014PresentationEnglish
W5.1 Immunization implementation research priority settingJohn Clemens2014PresentationEnglish
W5.2 Factors influencing community health volunteers in participating in health programs in AfricaFadima YAYA BOCOUM2014PresentationEnglish

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