Engaging private-sector providers in immunization data management and use-Perspectives from Vietnam

The global immunization community has recognized the critical role the private sector plays in immunization services. This includes filling gaps identified in the public sector (such as hard-to-reach areas and marginalized populations) and thereby helping to reduce inequities in the availability of services between geographic areas and population groups and increasing overall coverage of immunization services. Engaging the private sector in immunization service standardizations is an intricate part of coordinating, planning, and monitoring countries’ national immunization activities.

This case study, within the frame work of IDEAL project funded by BMGF to PATH, aims to understand the current status of fee-based immunization facilities (FIFs)’ contribution to, perceptions of, and relationship with the National Immunization Information System and provide a current snapshot of how the government works with and regulates FIFs in Vietnam. To improve data quality and increase data use of the system, the study will summarize key lessons learned from Vietnam to encourage FIFs (especially from the private sector) to use the system and determine facilitators of and barriers to their engagement in the NIIS implementation


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