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The Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator’s Country Readiness and Delivery (CRD) workstreamProject ECHOBoostTechNet-21, and the COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Project invite you to join a webinar session for health workers focused on interpersonal communications for COVID-19 vaccination.

Tuesday 16 February from 12:00 -13:00 CET

Interpretation into French, Spanish and Arabic will be available 

The sessions will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions and share lessons learned on key aspects of COVID-19 vaccine introduction and administration.

Sessions will focus on key aspects of COVID-19 vaccination for global, regional, and national stakeholders. The first session (Feb 16) will focus on COVID-19 vaccination communication. Subsequent sessions will focus on key topics such as: infection prevention and control, responding to AEFI, reporting COVID-19 vaccinations, etc.


This session is part of a series of video-conference-based capacity building webinars: COVID-19 Vaccination: Building Global Capacity. 

2 years ago

The recordings of the 2nd webinar session on Covid-19 vaccine introduction for health workers focused on interpersonal communications for COVID-19 vaccination are now available.

The recordings are available in 4 languages:  (English)  (French) (Spanish) (Arabic)


Should you have any question, please reply in this thread or join us on our Telegram channels dedicated to support regions, countries, and partners in preparing for COVID-19 vaccine introduction:

COVID-19 Vaccine Introduction – TechNet-21 (English)

Introduction des vaccins contre la Covid-19 – TechNet-21 (Français)

2 years ago

Dear colleagues,


The questions that could not be answered during the webinar session have also been compiled into the following Q&A document:

These are the questions that have been answered:

  • What can we tell someone who asks why we did not find the vaccine for HIV, which has been killing people for many years, while we did find one for COVID-19, which just appeared yesterday?
  • How to convince our people when most of them believe in herd immunity?
  • Some communities are not co-operative with the national health authorities because of corruption or tough restrictive measures. How can we engage them again in the vaccination effort?
  • How can we reinforce vaccine acceptance in countries with few Covid-19 confirmed cases?
  • How to proceed when the government refuses the vaccine?
  • How can I deal with misinformation and patient education when I have limited time with each patient as we have 50 patients (or more) a day?
  • Mozambique is preparing to receive the first doses, but still choosing which vaccine. One of the elected one was the AstraZeneca Vaccine, but there is a concern, the country borders with South Africa and we know that the country already has the SA variant since November and that SA refused to use the AstraZeneca Vaccine because of the low effectiveness to the new variant. If the country really goes for the AstraZeneca vaccine how to deal with public opinion? And the maybe not acceptance of the vaccine?
  • You made mention of analgesics and antipyretics in your presentation. Considering that in the African setting most of these medications are over the counter drugs, do you encourage communication on this? Also, we have to follow up and report AEFIs, I also think taking these medications can shade the AEFI.
  • How do we convince people to receive a specific brand of vaccine when it’s the only one available and the people have a negative attitude towards that brand due to disinformation?
  • How can we respond to a client who wants to have a 2nd dose of vaccine after 6 weeks of interval instead of 4 weeks?
  • The mistrust towards vaccines sometimes comes from the belief that the vaccine manufacturers are only trying to make profit out of the disease.


You can now find all the resources for all the COVID-19 Vaccine Introduction webinar sessions here:

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