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  3. Friday, 28 October 2011
Cross posted from the 'Global Immunization News' with thanks. Claudio Politi and Daniela Urfer, WHO/HQ The Immunization Financing Database has been updated with cMYPs recently developed by countries and submitted to GAVI in June 2011 for funding proposals to introduce new vaccines. The database contains information extracted from cMYP costing and financing tools of 62 countries. In particular, key data on costing and financing from the immunization plans were selected and included in the database for public access. The database allows the user to produce reports by country and by WHO region for the planning periods on the following information: Total costs and financing of routine immunization programmes; Total costs and financing of campaigns; Specific immunization and health system shared expenditures; Detailed expenditure composition by item costs and sources of financing; Immunization costs indicators per capita and per child. Country and regional reports are provided in table formats and accompanied by graphical representations.

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