Immunization Supply Chain (iSC) interventions - lessons and best practices for reaching under-served zero-dose communities

This webinar provided examples of how supply chain interventions have contributed to reaching zero-dose communities. Speakers from regions and countries will share lessons and best practices of how in-country supply chain interventions have been designed and implemented to reaching zero-dose communities.

Last mile vaccine delivery optimization using cold chain and drones in DRC

- Dr. Deo Manirakiza- Health Specialist, UNICEF

- Freddy Nkosi- Country Director, VillageReach

Reaching the last mile in Nigeria- Stock management, direct delivery of vaccines and optimized delivery in difficult access areas- experience from Nigeria

- Pharm Hauwa Tense- Director, National Primary Healthcare Development Agency

- Dr. Ahmad Isah Muhammad- Health Specialist, UNICEF

Supply chain system design and logistics management systems for reaching the underserved- Pakistan experience

- Dr Zafar Iqbal Channa- Director Technical, Federal Directorate of Immunization

- Naeem Asghar- Immunization Specialist, UNICEF


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  • Supply chain & logistics


  • Democratic Republic Of The Congo
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan


  • Cold box / vaccine carrier
  • Temperature monitoring

WHO Regions

  • African Region
  • Eastern Mediterranean Region

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