Mini-cPIE (COVID-19 vaccination IAR) Clinics: Experience Sharing and Lessons Learned

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As countries conduct mini COVID-19 vaccine Post-Introduction Evaluation (mini-cPIE), also called the COVID-19 Vaccination Intra-Action Review (IAR), to review and adjust their COVID-19 vaccine roll-out, WHO will be hosting regular clinics for countries to share learnings with peer countries.

Countries that have already conducted a mini-cPIE will be invited to share their experiences, while countries interested in conducting a mini-cPIE can have the opportunity to directly connect with these countries to seek advice and ask questions they may have, including practical tools and tips for the preparation, conduct and follow-up of a mini-cPIE. Countries can also use these clinics to propose new tools they deem useful or request technical support from WHO.

This mini-cPIE clinic series will be held in the coming months as countries review the early phase of their vaccine roll-out using the WHO IAR (mini-cPIE) tools. This page provides a list of resources (recordings, slides, consolidated participant questions and answers) from each webinar in the series.

Links to additional resources:

  • COVID-19 vaccination specific IAR (mini-cPIE) tools (on WHO COVID-19 vaccination toolkit webpage):  

  • Guidance for conducting a country COVID-19 Intra-Action Review (IAR) + Addendum 1 + generic templates and tools:

  • OpenWHO training on the Management and Facilitation of a Country COVID-19 Intra-Action Review (IAR):


Mini-cPIE Clinic #01: Global Overview and Country Experience Sharing

This session is intended to provide a brief global overview of the mini-cPIE (COVID-19 vaccination IAR) implementation situation and to hear directly from three countries regarding their COVID-19 vaccine roll-out, including good practices and lessons learned identified from the mini-cPIE, changes triggered by the mini-cPIE and the impact on COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. The countries also share their most important piece of advice for other countries just starting their programme. 




  • Landry Ndriko Mayigane, WHO
  • Cindy Chiu de Vázquez, WHO
  • Sonam Wangchuk, NITAG, Bhutan
  • Sidat Fofana, Ministry of Health, The Gambia
  • Boly Diop, MSAS, Senegal





  • Please see pdf slides presented during the mini-cPIE clinic 1 session. 


Questions and answers

  • The questions asked by participants during the session have been compiled into the following Q&A document