Tuesday, 04 August 2009
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Almost half India’s children are not immunised

ONLY 54.1 per cent of India's children are fully immunised. The other half -- this includes the 11.3 per cent who never received any form of vaccination -- run the risk of disease as they have failed to complete even the basic immunisation schedule. This is the latest data from the yet- to-be-completed District Level Household and facility Survey (DLHS-3). The survey was done in 2007-2008 but complete data is yet to be released. The survey, however, has completed results for indicators like immunisation and childbirth. State Coverage Uttar Pradesh 31.1% Meghalaya 34.3% Tripura 38.5% Madhya Pradesh 38.5% Bihar 41.4% Rajasthan 50% Assam 51.1% Dadra and Nagar Haveli 52.3% Jharkhand 54.8% Mizoram 55.3% Gujarat 55.5% Lakshadweep 86.9% Daman and Diu 83.5% Himachal Pradesh 82% Tamil Nadu 81.6% Pondicherry 80.6% Kerala 79%

First reported H1N1 death in India

A fourteen-year-old girl from Pune on Monday becamethe first casualty of swine flu in India. The girl's death came even as three more persons tested positive for swine flu, taking the total number of confirmed cases to101 in the city, health officials said. Test reports of two students and a 26-year-oldyouth, who had returned from Germany, on Sunday night confirmed flu, the officials said, adding that they had been moved to an isolation ward at civic Naidu hospital. As many as 64 flu cases in Pune have so far been discharged after treatment. The total number of H1N1 infection in Maharashtra now stands at 147. Other interesting articles on H1N1 Influenzae. 1. Resources for Clinicians 2. Novel H1N1 Influenza Vaccine 3. Update on School 4. Business and Workplace Guidance 5. Feeding your Baby 6. Talking to Children 7. People who have Close Contact with Pigs 8. Day and Residential Camps Compiled by: Dr. Ajay Gambhir Dr. Akhilesh Singh Administrator http://WWW.VACCINEINDIA.ORG
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