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  3. Monday, 03 January 2011
Many thanks to Diana Chang Blanc for sharing this information with us. Introducing a vaccine: Policy and Programme Considerations Dear Colleagues, You may recall a brochure from the June 2010 NUVI Meeting "market place" describing an updated Vaccine Product Menu which would be available in 2010. This email is to announce the availability of this updated product menu as part of a more comprehensive new vaccines resource entitled "Introducing a vaccine: policy and programmatic considerations", which has been published on the New Vaccines website. This site brings together in one page, resources useful to address policy and programmatic aspects of introducing a new vaccine. This new site expands on and replaces the previous "Vaccine Production Selection Menu" which was produced in 2005 and which was previously available in CD format. The new site may be used as a reference for decision-making and implementation by country level policy-makers, national immunization programme managers, and others working on immunization. The page brings together links to the following resources: - Guidance on vaccine introduction (general and vaccine-specific) - WHO recommendations for routine immunization (immunization schedules and position papers) - WHO prequalified vaccines - UNICEF-procured vaccine products and presentations with weighted average prices - Tools to calculate vaccine wastage We hope that you find this new resource useful and we welcome your suggestions to make it better. Kind regards, Hemanthi

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