Health care waste management in immunization programs: Guidance for proposal planning - synthesis document

This synthesis document provides a high-level summary of the complete document, Health Care Waste Management in Immunisation Programs: Guidance for Proposal Planning, which was designed to help you to prepare and plan your HCWM system, and to clarify your country’s HCWM status to help you develop proposals

for funding and investment from an immunisation perspective. The purpose

of this synthesis is to initiate the conversation and direct users who seek

more details to the full document, which brings together existing guidance on assessing and planning for HCWM. Use this guide and the Assessment Tool (Annex 1) during strategic planning and review sessions, such as Joint Appraisals, annual workplan development, or when preparing for a proposal application. The goal is to ensure that waste management is

considered within the overall health system by bringing together stakeholders from across all areas involved in waste management; this includes the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, other government units, local authorities for waste management, partners, and the private sector.


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