B. Country case studies on COVID-19 vaccination

This section contains country and/or partner case studies with salient examples on COVID-19 vaccination. These case studies may describe a national or sub-national intervention and should be able to describe tangible impact. The case studies are standardized in two different format options, as narrative and as a slide deck option. They are an opportunity for countries to showcase an intervention or innovation, with a higher level of detail compared to country presentations. Therefore, they could be more appropriate for a country in case they want to follow an example or intervention from another country. The case studies have been provided on a voluntary basis after an invitation to submit materials was done broadly.  

In the same way as in the first topic section, the case studies are focusing on the same 6 critical topics. Case studies, not falling under these categories, can be found under “Other Topics”.

This is an evolving section, and our team is working with countries and partners in developing case studies from salient examples. As such, this section will be updated as we complete additional case studies.  

Service Delivery

Innovations or experiences that focused on vaccine delivery approaches, including those implemented for reaching parts of the population that otherwise would have been unreached.  


Supply Chain and Waste Management

Supply chain and waste management infrastructures were under enormous pressure to cope with the pandemic requirements. Countries needed to upgrade their systems and implement innovative approaches to be able to implement vaccination successfully.

Nepal_Gestion des Déchets COVID-19_Kathmandu ValleyHECAF360, World Health Organization (WHO)2023Case studyFrench
Nepal_Waste Management COVID-19 Kathmandu ValleyHECAF360, World Health Organization (WHO)2023Case studyEnglish

Human Resources and Training 

Another aspect of the programmatic implementation that was under enormous pressure. Health staff needed to be prepared for the complexities of the response and also required frequent additional training and information as the knowledge base and practices evolved rapidly with time. 

India - Dry run for Covid-19 VaccinationDanish AhmedPresentationEnglish
India - Dry run for Covid-19 VaccinationDanish AhmedCase studyEnglish
Staffing Considerations for COVID-19 Mass Vaccination SitesVillageReach2023PresentationEnglish

Vaccine Demand

Under growing vaccine hesitance and misinformation, demand generation, social listening and adaptation of strategies were critical to increase uptake of vaccine in all levels of society.  

Zambia_Bottom-up demand generation to reach eligible populationsCovid-19 Vaccine Delivery Partnership2023Case studyEnglish
Zambia_Génération de la Demande Ascendante_FRCovid-19 Vaccine Delivery Partnership2023Case studyFrench

Monitoring and Information systems

Country innovations or approaches for improved data monitoring, reporting to keep track of progress and priorities.

Ethiopia - Digital Health response to COVID-19 pandemicCovid-19 Vaccine Delivery Partnership2022Case studyEnglish
Éthiopie - Riposte à la pandémie de COVID-19 par la santé numériqueCovid-19 Vaccine Delivery Partnership2022Case studyFrench
India - Digital Solutions for COVID-19 vaccinationGovernment of India2022Case studyEnglish
India - Solutions de Données Numériques pour la vaccination COVID-19Government of India2022ReportFrench
Rwanda - Digital Solutions for COVID-19 vaccinationMoH Rwanda2022Case studyEnglish
Rwanda - Solutions des infrastructures numériques pour la vaccination COVID-19MoH Rwanda2022Case studyFrench

Linkages and Integration with routine immunization 

The pandemic and its response were very disruptive for other health interventions, including the countries’ routine immunization programmes. Countries developed solutions for alleviating these challenges, encompassing pandemic response activities with other health related interventions.

Colombia_Preparing for mainstreaming COVID-19 vaccination into the Expanded Programme on immunizationMinistry of Health2023Case studyEnglish

Other partner case studies 

For case studies from salient examples that do not fall in any of the above category.

Cote d'Ivoire_A People-Centered Flexible Approach to COVID-19 VaccinationVillageReach2023Case studyEnglish
Demand Generation at COVID-19 Vaccination Sites in Cote d’Ivoire and Democratic Republic of CongoVillageReach2023Case studyEnglish
Improving COVID-19 Vaccine Demand with Trusted, Community-Based Vaccinators, MalawiFred Mwandida, Vaccination Action Network2022Case studyEnglish
Integrating COVID-19 Vaccination into Routine Immunization & Service Delivery, TanzaniaDr. Mwanahamisi Hassan, Regional Administration COVID-19 and Global Fund Coordinator Tanzania, Vaccination Action Network2022Case studyEnglish
Leveraging Local Insights to Drive COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Njombe, TanzaniaSamson SOro Sasi, Njombe Region Health Promotion lead, Tanzania, Vaccination Action Network2022Case studyEnglish
Moonlight Community Cinema to Combat Low Risk Perception of COVID-19 in Makueni County, KenyaBretta Vilia Nutisya, Vaccination Action Network2022Case studyEnglish
The Power of Religious Leaders to Drive COVID-19 Vaccine Demand ZanzibarAbdulhamid Ameir Saleh, Vaccination Action Network2022Case studyEnglish