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  1. Tracy Rehberg
  2. Global initiatives
  3. Thursday, 20 October 2016

A case study has been published to share information about some of the change management and motivational strategies deployed by UNICEF and WHO to support high levels of participation in the Immunization eLearning Initiative. The case study can be helpful for learning leaders looking for ways to increase self-paced training participation. The case study document also includes a checklist to help ensure that learning leaders are considering all the key elements of motivation to support successful training participation. We hope you find this resource beneficial. Remember that everyone working in support of Immunization -- including staff, SSAs, consultants, MoH, and other partners -- can now access the Immunization eLearning Initiative courses on UNICEF's online learning portal, Agora at Simply select login, register as a "guest" and search for keyword "Immunization" to locate all the courses. Start and stop without losing progress. Print or download a certificate following successful completion.

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