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  3. Thursday, 03 October 2013
Many thanks to Robert Steinglass for sharing this information with TechNet-21. As diseases emerge and infections re-emerge, new and improved vaccines are needed. The decisions about which vaccines should be developed first can affect millions of people's health, quality of life, and economic progress. However, fiscal pressures on health care and research budgets have pushed analysts to take a more careful look at the health benefits and cost-effectiveness that have traditionally driven decisions about new vaccine development. A new early-stage prototype software tool created by the Institute of Medicine – the Strategic Multi-Attribute Ranking Tool (SMART) Vaccines 1.0 – allows users involved in vaccine formation and delivery to prioritize the vaccines most urgently needed in the United States and other countries. The software enables users to compare vaccine candidates based on a number of attributes and their own data to determine vaccine priorities best suited to their circumstances. For example, users can evaluate vaccine candidates based on the benefits to vulnerable populations or the potential to improve production platforms. The tool ultimately produces a value score, or SMART score, to help users interpret the relative performance and rank of their candidates, resulting in their own unique list of vaccines. SMART Vaccines is a decision-support system and not a decision maker. A free, executable file of SMART Vaccines 1.0 is currently available for computers running the Windows operating system. This prototype software is an output of Phase II of a three-phase IOM study. In Phase I, IOM developed a utility model and blueprint for the software. Phase III will be aimed at software usability studies and attempt to provide estimation strategies toward assisting users in thinking about data compilation for SMART Vaccines. The software, its corresponding report, Ranking Vaccines: A Prioritization Software Tool, and a video overview are all available for immediate release at Media inquiries should be directed to the Office of News and Public Information; tel. 202-334-2138 or e-mail [[email protected]][email protected][/email].

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